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...everything feels savage, you have no chance to chose...


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If you'd like to support us just buy our official merchandise, tell your friends about us and visit our shows with other Swiss Metal Bands. 

You are only interested in a digital copy of our music? That's cool for us. Go and check our Bandcamp site.

We focused on high quality production and were able to find a comfy, great looking product for us and our fans. 

Also, we decided to get direct contact to our supporters. That means, you have to order via contact form (see contact). 

Please mail us what you'd like to order. Don't forget to tell us your size and the quantity.

Please note: Clothes and Posters are exclusively available on our website.

Support us, your local Swiss Doom Metal band and be sure you will always have our neverending gratefulness.


Sadness Digipack CD


Zip Hoodie "Sensum Omnium"


Girlie "Sensum Omnium"


Insomnia Digipack CD


T-Shirt "Shrines of Lucifer" - Front


T-Shirt "Shrines of Lucifer" - Back

Price List:

All prices in CHF, excluding shipping, taxes, such as bank and toll fees.

Please note that our stocks are strictly limited.

T-Shirt / Girlie Shirt "Shrines of Lucifer", Sizes S-XXXL 22.-

T-Shirt / Girlie Shirt "Sensum Omnium", Sizes S-XXXL 22.-

Zip Hoodie "Sensum Omnium", Sizes S-XXL 35.-

Poster "Insomnia" A2, 1.-

Premium Sticker, 10 x 6 cm 2.-

CD-Digipack "Insomnia", Limited First Run,  7.-

CD-Digipack "Sadness", Limited First Run, 12.-

Sizes left - Shrines of Lucifer: 

Women: M, L, XL

Men: M, XL

Sizes left - Sensum Omnium:

Women: M, XL

Men: all, S-XXXL

Sizes left - Hoodies:

Unisex: XL  Only 2 left. Last chance!


How can I pay?

You can pay via PayPal or Twint (CH only). If you don't use PayPal, just tell us and you will get our bank details.

Please keep in mind that you have to pay additional fees. 

How long would I have to wait for my order?

If we recieved the whole amount, we will usually ship within 10 days. 

We have no control over shipping time. when the package is out of our hands. Shipping time depends upon the destination we ship to.

If it's necessary to fill out export documents, it may take some extra time to ship your order.

Is my package insured?

We usually don't send insured packages. If you wish an insurance, please tell us. You'll have to pay the difference.

Who created your designs?

All designs and logos were made by Roman. The artworks for our CD covers are made by IronDoom Design.

You didn't answer to my order 24 hours after I placed it. Did you recieve the order?

Usually we have recieved your message and usually we answer within 24 hours maximum.

If we didn't get in touch with you, please make sure to check the spam folder in your mail account. 

Your music is available for free online. Why should I buy something from you?

To support what we do obviously. It's your personal possibility to help us improve and go on. 

So if you want to help us: Order something, tell your friends about us and support us doing what we love.

All money earned will be reinvested in the band.

I want to resell your merch or music. Are there special conditions for resellers?

We are open to give special discounts to people who buy our merch in higher quantities. 

Please just contact us

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