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Things that happened in the past:

- We've reached 1000 Plays for "Drowning in the Shadows" on YouTube

- Listing in Swiss iTunes Charts with our debut album "Insomnia": #18 in Rock Top 200 and #121 in Top 200 all genres (november 2018)

- Several radio plays around the world (Germany, Austria, USA)


- Album Release Gig with Excruciation, Charlene Beretah and Syvään in Zurich on saturday. See our Show section and get your ticket now!

- Decreasing merch stock: get one of the last Shirts with the current design "Shrines of Lucifer". Ask for Size before ordering!

- Extended Merch Grid: New Posters "Insomnia" first available at our gig on saturday, new clothing merch upcoming within the next months.

- Interview with Julian in the next Atmosfear magazine

- Gig planning: We are always looking for new opportunities to play our set live! If you can help us, please don't hesitate contacting us.

We are very grateful for your support, It made us get here and we appreciate every single person who supported us so far.

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Okay, this was tough. We need to say some words about 2020 here, just because it was so intense. Babybreak - Julian became a father in february. To support his wife, he took some weeks off. Recording

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