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The essence of 2020

Aktualisiert: 4. Jan. 2021

Okay, this was tough. We need to say some words about 2020 here, just because it was so intense.

  1. Babybreak - Julian became a father in february. To support his wife, he took some weeks off.

  2. Recording preparations - we all had to practise songs that we had finished before the babybreak through hearing their skeleton lines. Roger and Michael didn't know the final results when they came back from the lockdown.

  3. The guitar thing - Julian had to wait for months for a new humbucker, because the old one needed to be changed. He felt like he wouldn't be able to record with the guitar, most of the songs were written on. Just two weeks before recording started the spare part has been delivered.

  4. Corona Crisis - after being called "a cold" or "like the flu", COVID-19 crushed Europe within just 2 months. Everyday life stood, slowly began to rise and now it has stopped again. Concerts had to be cancelled or postponed (like our show planned for 13th of november) and art has changed.

  5. The workload - Nobody worked harder on our new album "Sadness" than our Lead Guitarist Roman. He spent months in the studio for recording preparations, recordings, editing, production.

  6. The release - about two weeks before release date, "Sadness" had finally arrived. This was so close, we all were quite stressed. But as we finally saw the digipacks, we were just very happy. We made it and even if it was extremely close, we are very proud.

We are looking forward to a new - and hopefully better year 2021.

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