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About the creation of a record during corona crisis

We all have had our plans for 2020. We all had our visions, some may even have booked their holidays. But then, back in march, everything changed suddenly. The lockdown came and took our possibility to play music together. There were no concerts anywhere, no bar visits and there was no end in sight.

Still we already had announced our album to be released in 2020. And of course we want to stick to this deadline. We have planned our recording schedule and made a plan for the whole album process. On easter, there was the first time we really realized that our plans were critically affected by the crisis. Due to Julians Baby break there was a phase of rest at the beginning of 2020. The songs were produced and ready to be practised and recorded. But there was no practising together until may, a month we wanted to be almost finished with recording initially. We have lost opportunities with the free days in this period and we have lost months of practising.

And as we all know: if you can't practise something and you have too much distance of practise, you need to start at an earlier point. We had to work through a phase again, where songs are produced again. We had the chance to work with the substance of the foundation we layed back in december/january and to polish the work we have made.

But also our recording concept had to change: Instead of being well prepared and having a full set of songs we could record per instrument, we now had to improvise. We have decided to meet for practise and play only one song, then record the drumlines. This is the phase we're in now and we're almost through with recording the drums.

The next phase will be the recording of rhythm guitar lines and vocals. This raw version is the foundation of lead guitar and bass recording. Everything is out of concept, but we still love the results we've produced so far. We also are optimistic to hold the 13th of november as official release date for Sadness.

This production is doomed, so we should profit from it.

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