New Gig announced - 08.01.2022

Good news incoming: We're going to play not only one but two shows in the next 3 months.


Total Desolation together with Disgusting Fist in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Info: due to the unpredictable planning process we're not able to have Cie Quilla at our show.



First show in our home canton Argovia at Met Bar Lenzburg together with Wazzara.

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First of all, we wish you a belated Happy New Year. Well, there are days to forget and there are days to remember. Yesterday was one of those days you won't forget so fast. We've met lots of new frien

Find the short-movie made by MX FILM below:

Soon, we're going to record our first music video. For this video, we're looking for 4-6 people willing to be part of this project. Conditions: - You are going to act with us for one day (12/13th june

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