...everything breaks, like our life was made of glass...

Lucifer Sigil


Separation Bar

We are always looking for shows - if you know someone or want to book us, please contact us!

You can see us perform our doom metal set at the following occasions:

Separation Bar

13.11.2021 - Total Desolation (Special Release Show)

Location: Sedel, Ebikon, CH

Doors: 19.30h

Start: 20.30h


This show is a special occasion: We're going to release our new album "Sadness" - unfortunately one year later.

This evening will be a special celebration with Disgusting Fist and Cie Quilla (Sarah and Rebekka).

Aftershow Party with DJ Krassimo.

16.11.2019 - BloodFest Vol. I

We've had a great night with at this festival in Werk21, Zurich. The following awesome Bands played at Bloodfest: Xaon, FNB Band, Antzaat, Tenebrae Aeternum, Asgard, Soldiers Bloodcraft, Shrines of Dying Light.


We opened the show and played one of our new songs for the first time live and in public. The organisation was great and all the people made us enjoy the evening. Addittionally, we've seen a great art exhibition of Tufan Otzturk. 


23.03.2019 - Double Doom Release Show

Finally we had our album release show for Insomnia. 


After we got booked by Krachkarussell Shows, we've had a very great night together with Excruciation, Charlene Beretah and Syvään. Thanks to all the people making this show an awesome experience for us!



Our second time playing a more than two hours semi-improvisation set. METAL_FLOWMOTION is a dance workshop including movement research with Sarah Keusch and Rebekka Scharf. It was a blast! Thank you all!



Our first experience with profi dancers is now over. It was an awesome evening with the Crew of METAL_FLOWMOTION. 

We've had a two-hour engagement and it was our first time playing a full concert in socks. Check out the Review on Negative White.


31.01.2018 - Live at Ebrietas ZH

This was our very first gig and it was an awesome night. Thank you all for being part of our first Show!

separation bar