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Corona-Update on Concert and new Album

Dear fans, we know you don't want to read this virus stuff anymore. We do neither. Still we have to face the fact, that this crisis is a real cut in our everyday life and (of course) it changes something for us as a band (at least for a while).


Because we live in different locations in Switzerland, we still aren't able to practise. We are still not that alarmed because we have arranged the songs and we are - at least partially - able to practise at home.


This crisis has delayed our timeline. We wanted to record the first instrumental lines over the easter holidays which was not possible unfortunately. We still don't know when we are able to record our stuff. Yesterday, we have made a phone conference and we decided to stick with the release date because we think there is still hope to get things done in time. So the plan is still: release in 2020!


We have announced a live show lately. There are many reasons for us to hope that it will be possible to play the show and to stick to that date. Even if this situation is making everything very hard to plan, we think that culture shouldn't die and we think it's important to view the bigger perspective of it all. Please be assured, that all the people involved are trying their best to make this show happen and to make sure to keep people safe. Of course, we will react if the situation changes.

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